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  • Made with high-strength steel
  • High-precision pressure sensor for up to 75KG
  • 16-bit high-precision magnetic encoder
  • Direct connection with PC through USB port
  • Adjustable pedal spacing
  • The braking spring and damping block combined



Purchase Notes:

SR-P Pedals are compatible with other products as you can use them with USB together with any other brand.

Not compatible with SR-P Lite Clutch Pedal and SR-P Lite Brake Pedal Performance Kit


*Ship within 7 business days, with estimated delivery in 7-12 business days after the order is shipped.

Frequently Bought Together...

SR-P Accessory Kit

  • Creating 6 different foot feel combinations
  • Increasing damping and shortening braking distance to meet the needs of pro racers


*Purchase notes:

ADD-ON for the SR-P Pedals, Not compatible with SR-P Lite Pedals


*Ship within 7 business days, with estimated delivery in 7-12 business days after the order is shipped.

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Material High-strength steel
Plate Material CNC Aluminum Alloy
Color Black
Braking Sensor Pressure sensor+angle sensor
Max Range of Pressure Sensor 75KG
Throttle Sensor Angle sensor
Clutch Sensor Angle sensor
Angle Sensor Resolution 16-bit (65536ppr)
Pedal Spacing Adjustable
Pedal Surface Height Adjustable
Pedal Connection Port USB direct
Pedal Travel Software Adjustment Yes
Pedal Travel Reverse Function Yes
Anti-Slipping Bottom Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Why don't you check

You sent me a great R9 2x racing wheel base and paddles but I ordered other things and didn't get you need to start reading your ordeteds and or listen when I ordered first time I wanted a R5 bundle but change it to a R9 2x I planly said remove only the R5 and put 5he R9 in it's place everything on my R5 order I want put on the R9 including a set of springs now here's the issue you didn't sent me a full box of springs I never gotten the yellow spring the one I need isn't in the box I'm missing one spring

Xavier Santos

Nothing else to say just amazing

dorian carvalho


Matthew Alovis
Nearly perfect in every way

Unless you feel like spending 4 to 500 on hydraulic pro pedals, I highly recommend you look at these.
Coming in less than the fan attack load cell kit, and with newer technology than the thrustmaster load cell kit, the Moza SR-P pedal set is like the perfect balance. I can only see myself asking for more as I always do. Like I said this is the pedal set you should absolutely get unless you feel like spending a few hundred more

Maher Wahhoud
Pedal Set of 3

since few weeks i am very happy to have this nice set of steel pedals.
compared to my g29 pedals it is not comparable.
a nice addition to my sim rig.

my wheelbase (Logitech) broke and i need to wait to get back with full excitement.