Performance Kit for R5 Bundle

USD $29.00 VAT excluded

  • Realistic Pedal Feel – The spring and damping block combination provides higher braking resistance and gives a more progressive and realistic pedal feel.
  • Sturdy & Durable – The springs and damping blocks are sturdy and durable and designed to withstand thousands of hours of use.
  • Easy to Fix – The installation process is quick and simple. Just fix the top two screws and push the bottom pivots into the groove.

*Not compatible with SR-P Pedal.

*Ship within 7 business days, with estimated delivery in 7-12 business days after the order is shipped.

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What's inbox

  • Performance Kit
  • Allen Key X2
  • Fixed Axis
  • M3 Screw X2
  • Spacer X2
  • Spring X2
  • Damping Block X1

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
ron horne
My New Moza wheel bundle with Brake Mod.

On PC I love the wheel but the mod is for a professional rig or when you can use brake with mod its to heavy the pedals lift and your brake doesnt work 100%it needs to be screwed down onto something. I dont have a expensive rig I built a home made one out of pallets which is very good custom to my needs etc. The wheel doesnt work with PS5 even with an adapter so Im having to sell my Moza to buy a Logitecxh or a thrustmaster as I also find Im getting passed I have my foot flat but Im going no where Im being passed as soon as I put my logitech up Im winning races again. And wont work on PS5 even with expensive adapter I brought for 200$. So unfortunately Im having to sell my wheel bundle to rebuy a logitech maybe invest in a logitech pro so I can be competitive again. I tried changing settings but I havent been able to get it right and start winning on my Moza again. Pity I thought it would be a new beginning but its ended up turning into returning to yesterdays technology passing todays and waiting until tomorrows technology to arrive.

Josh Purdy

SR-P Lite Brake Pedal Performance Kit

Karl Tyas
100% improves the pedals however

There no doubt this makes the pedals much better. But the cost at £36 shipped is way to expensive. And this should be in the R5 bundle not an added extra even if the price of the bundle was increased slightly to compensate for it.

Andrew B
can be used for realistic clutch feel

i got this SR-P Lite brake performance kit to be used with my SR-P pedals clutch pedal, i just used the weakest spring from the SR-P pedal (yellow) with the read spring here and no rubber bushing, it fitted easy and makes the clutch pedal feel more real.

Artur Perlusz
Great product and good shipping service

No complaints really, the brake kit improves the base experience by making the brake pedal feel more realistic.

Got shipped fast, great service all in all.