SR-P Accessory Kit

USD $15.00 VAT excluded

  • Creating 6 different foot feel combinations
  • Increasing damping and shortening braking distance to meet the needs of pro racers


*Purchase notes:

ADD-ON for the SR-P Pedals, Not compatible with SR-P Lite Pedals


*Ship within 7 business days, with estimated delivery in 7-12 business days after the order is shipped.

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  • Spring * 2
  • Damper *1

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Thomas Holmes
Should come with the pedals

Made the pedals much better to use. Charge me 15 bucks more and save me the time and the additional shipping.

Freno duro sin copkit

El kit esta muy bien, pero al usar los pedales sin el copkit sigue estando el pedal de freno muy duro. Me gustaria que el kit tuviese un muelle un poco mas blando que los que incluye.

Lye Beng Ong
SR-P Accessory Kit

Ordering was a breeze. Took a while for the kit to arrive but it was worth it. The break pedal feels more realistic now.

SR-P Accessory Kit

This Moza SR-P pedal set was an amazing upgrade
Very easy to install

Tim Stewart
A fantastic upgrade from entry level pedals

This Moza SR-P pedal set was an amazing upgrade for my rig. I have been playing with a basic potentiometer pedal set since I began sim racing 2 years ago, this new pedal set has given me a huge step up in performance. Having a load cell makes all the difference, I’ve got so much more control over my braking now. Worth a good 2 seconds over my old pedal set, on my best lap at Barcelona!

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