MOZA HGP Shifter

USD $149.00 VAT excluded

  • Full Metal Construction
  • Intelligent Downshift Throttle blip System
  • 7+R, H Pattern with Locked R and 7th Gear
  • 15-bit High Precision Angle Sensor
  • Replaceable Shift Knobs
  • Patented Dust-proof Cover
  • Direct Connection to the PC or Wheelbase
  • Easy to mount


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Handbrake / Shifter Table Clamp

  • Made of high-strength steel with a hard-wearing black finish.
  • High clamping force
  • For desktops up to 60mm thick

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MOZA HGP Shifter

Full Metal Construction

The MOZA HGP Shifter is CNC machined from anodized aviation-grade aluminum. It is solid, sturdy, and reliable.


The MOZA HGP Shifter features seven forward and one reverse gear, meeting the needs of multiple simulation scenarios.

Intelligent Downshift Throttle Blip System

Featuring automatic downshift throttle blipping, MOZA RACING's patented intelligent downshift system eliminates the need for heel and toe shift expertise. It is fully selectable and customizable in the MOZA Pit House and significantly improves vehicle balance and smoothness when downshifting.

15-bit High Precision Angle Sensor

The MOZA HGP shifter utilizes a 15-bit non-contact high precision angle sensor, ensuring positive and precise shifting and a long maintenance-free life.

H Pattern with Locked R and 7th Gear

Requiring downward pressure to engage, both reverse and 7th gear are locked to prevent accidental selection.

Realistic Feeling

The patented shifting mechanism includes a shock-absorbing damping system. Engineered to make every gear shift a positive, smooth, and satisfying experience.

Replaceable Shift Knobs

Modify your shift lever with aftermarket knobs.

Easy to Mount

The MOZA HGP Shifter is both ergonomically and beautifully engineered and is easily mounted on most racing rigs. For desk users, there is also a dedicated desk clamp available separately.

Direct Connection to the PC or Wheelbase

The MOZA HGP Shifter can be connected directly to a pc via a USB cable or to a wheelbase with a compatible shifter port.

Patented Dust-proof Cover

Inspired by real-life cars, the patented funnel-shaped dust cover is used to prevent dust from entering the shifter’s internal mechanism whilst maintaining a sleek and clean look.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Hpattern is better

For all the dummie broke boys out there all upsetti spaghetti that this shifter isn't sequential do me a favor and get learned ....a sequential-hpattern shifter is generally around 400 ...this is 150 ....that leaves you with 250$ to get yourself a sequential shifter ....(aiologs) so now that you have a better sequential shifter and are able to mount it next to the steering wheel (generally where sequential shifters are mounted) and you can mount your hpattern where that belongs on a typical car ....I just know yall complaining about not having a dual h-s shifter are the same reasons I see so many yellow flags out there ...


I guess u can always partially simulate sequence by going between 3rd and 4th gear.
I ordered shifter and handbrake as nothing beats it at that price point.

People are NEVER happy!

Ordered my Shifter Yesterday, (day of release), no one has this product yet except testers, yet so many seem happy to winge about it already, go figure. Ok so it's NOT sequential, but lets be real, "It's no where near the seqential/ H pattern price point".
Just be patient people, I bet one is in the work at Moza now, and if not it will at least be on the cards.

loving it

The quality is in fact well and above those cheap ebay and amazon shifters one see's online. The intelligent downshift software in PitHouse is in fact an industry first and revolutionary.


Looks robust. Downshift should be very helpfull. I hope to be able to implement into rig.