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  • Alcantara & Microfiber Leather
  • Forged carbon fibre
  • Magnetic and photoelectric sensor
  • Programmable mechanical keyboards buttons
  • Customized quick release
  • RGB shift indicator


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Grip Material Alcantara® made in Italy
Frame and Front Plate Material Forged carbon fiber
Shifter Paddle Material 3 mm-thick forged carbon fiber
Size 300mm GT standard wheel
Magnetic Shifter Paddles 2
Dual Clutch Paddles 2
Luminous Mechanical Keys 10
Thumb Knobs (pressable) 2
Band Knobs 5
LED Lamp Beads RGB 10
LED Colors 7 for customization
Intelligent Telemetry Yes
Light setting in MOZA Pit House Yes
Knock-Down (K/D) Method Quick release
Transmission Mode Wireless
Paddle Sensor Contactless photoelectric sensor
Dual Clutch Shifter Paddle Modes Synthesis axis/Independent axis/button

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Michael Spohn
Upgraded from Logitech G29 to MOZA... Wow.

I'm impressed with the quality in this wheel. The R9 base and wheel were easy to set up, and the instructions to get everything set up in iRacing were easy to follow. I've already been catching slides and feeling more from driving than I ever have with the G29. I'm overall impressed and happy with my purchase. I'm quickly getting used to the button placement as well, which is all really well in reach. No complaints after almost a month of use!

Vincent Coomans
Incredible Wheel !

I am very satisfied with that wheel which is incredible !
Concerning my shopping experience with Moza, i can not give five stars due to very long delay between order and shipping ! Shipping cost should also be reviewed because they are expensif …

Goddamn its good!

I bought the Moza GR Wheel with the R9 base. I come from setup from another brand called Tru... with the belt system. To go on a DD wheel It s such a great feeling, it is "fluid" and with a really FFB. I can clearly recommed this bundle.
The shifter paddle are a little bit noisy but it only disturb my wife. I kind a like it ;)

And the wheel feels amazing. I got it with the leather and drive with gloves, it just fits perfectly. A good grip.
Buttons feels good, many option i like it.

Thanks Moza!

Loïc J

Great service

Great service, good quality

Julian Swanson

I think many people are having issues with it taking a while to confirm order

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